Shawn Z. Williams (SZW) - Owner of Jinglelicious

Shawn has been entertaining since he was the tender age of 5. By the time Shawn was a teenager at 13 years old, Shawn took the Title of (Semi - Finalist) Teen Vocalist on "STAR SEARCH 89" with original host Ed McMahon. Shawn has been all over the world traveling to countries to entertain for many people. Shawn brings his 1000 voice personalities and World Famous Singing Vocal Impressions to the stage, jingles, commercials and movies by singing and talking as current and past Celebrity Greats. Shawn can also play the Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar and Xylophone.  
Contact: (702) 302 - 9212

Irene Avalos - Voice Actress/Professional Vocalist

Irene sings and speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and French in styles from Smooth Jazz to Country and Reggae.   With a vocal timbre often compared to either Karen Carpenter, or soft vocals of Sade and Julie London, Irene will captivate you with soft, sultry vocals in several languages and is the female voice for our industry today.
Contact: (702) 741 - 5099

MauriZio David Crutcher - Director of Music/Voice Actor

MauriZio had an early start as a musician, beginning his ascent at age 3. From Cincinnati, Ohio, the talents of his youth were inspired by watching The Beatles and The Supremes on television. His musical abilities were further fine-tuned with private lessons at age 10 and choir and band classes from junior high through high school. At 15 Maurice was gigging with local jazz bands and later attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. In 1974, he moved to Atlanta, GA and expanded his skill set by playing with rock bands, covering music and TV themes, and fusion jazz. He has since lived in Nashville, Cleveland, Detroit and Las Vegas and has acquired a deep wealth of knowledge and love for the diversity of American music. Gospel music is no exception. Maurice has composed and worked with artists such as Fred Hammond, Virtue, and Darwin Hobbs. This well-polished master keyboardist truly has come to play and compose any and all styles of music, but no artist is without his favorites. Some of Maurice’s most beloved and influential musicians include: Stevie Wonder, Jeff Lorber, David Foster, Hans Zimmer, Beethoven, Lady Gaga, George Duke, Snarky Puppy, Imagine Dragons, Herbie Hancock, Yes, and Chicago
Contact:    (702) 755 - 6700

Dan Avalos - Voice Actor

Dan plays a plethora of musical genres from Smooth Jazz, Latin Jazz, Acoustic Flamenco, to Country, Rock and Reggae on guitar. He is an improvisational master in that he can play any song without ever having heard it before. Merely hearing the key and he’s off and running through the song like a Giselle through the Safari as though he had played the song all his life… Simply Marvelous! Just when you think Dan’s mastering the art of his guitar is amazing, it’s no surprise to hear his gift of improvisation applied to the Steel Drum/Pan as he conjures up the tropical islands with every note. Dan will, thoroughly, entertain you as a Guitarist/Steel Drum/Pan artist.
Contact: (702) 741 - 5099